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18th Century Models

18th Century Castle build set

front viewCastle front View
gate houseGate House
courtyardInside Courtyard
courtyardInside Courtyard

This castle is based on a combination of German Castle building and French Style. The detail of the windows have to be see close-up to be appreciated. There are many walls and roof pieces, allowing you to make buildings of any size. Photorealistic textures have been used almost exclusively, taken from my library of photographs.

The flexibility of this build set with 121 pieces has to be seen in Mythopia at 12.48N 2.54E 2.91a 354. The walls are tagged 101 so that the interior can be changed to a light stone for ease of decorating. The castle included some vaulted ceilings for the cellar build.

Wall sizes are 6m high by 6m or 4m wide

The cliff build set is sold separately below

121 pieces

36 unique textures


Cliff build set


An eight piece low vertex cliff set that allows you to make steep mountains The top is flat and can be retextured on request. The pieces fit together in most combinations and there are filler blocks for the center to make it any size needed. The height can be adjusted just by dropping it below ground. A much needed item as using terrain for this purpose created a lot of texture distortion. Use with terrain to slope the sides.

8 pieces

1 textures


18th Century Bridge build set

now available separately

bridge1View with Steps
bridge2Detail of bridge
bridge2Top View

This is the bridge set that was a part of the 18th Century Castle, but with some additional pieces, is available separately. The stairs, a new T section and a 90 degree curve, all suspended with a tall pillar set, makes this quite a flexible set. These extra pieces are available for $10 for those already owning the 18th Century castle build set.

14 pieces

6 textures


If you already purchased the 18th century castle above