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Bath House

bath house

17 pieces rwx

15 textures


$25.00 USD

A bath house with 4 separate pools, each having it's own set of stairs. There are cascading waterfalls starting at the front, flowing into each of the pools. At the back are 4 alcoves with a screened curtain. A stained glass transparent roof finishes the building. Each window is tagged for the placement of pictures.

Ornate Opera House

Ornate Opera HouseOpera House Exterior
inside operaOrnate Opera House Interior
operaOrnate Opera House Balcony
operaExterior view

42 pieces rwx

62 textures

Price: $25

Incredibly richly textured Opera house based on a 16th Century German opera house build by a German King. Complete with stage, opera pit, moving curtains and chairs. Can realistically be used to have real plays. Visit Akrapoli at 12.80S 2.27W 0.37a 180 for a detailed look at the inside.