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Island Hotel set

Lobby outsideMain Front View
HotelviewHotel Front View
Lobby insideLobby inside
DetailHotel front detail

This Hotel is modeled after the Jekyll Island Club Hotel. There are many detailed touches to this build, to represent the elegant atmosphere of the real hotel as closely as possible. Many walls, windows and roof pieces are available to reduce the monotony of having the same windows everywhere as is common to many other build sets. This also allows you to make buildings of any size. Two different fireplaces with and without mirrors and logs and a fireplace grate are included.

Photo realistic textures from my library of photographs have been used with a mix of matching Photoshop generated textures.

The flexibility of this build set with 142 pieces has to be seen in Akrapol2 at 19.36S 2.95E -10.88a 88. The inside walls are tagged 101 and most of the window walls are tagged 200 on the outside.

All wall sizes are 4m x 4m

Garden view

152 pieces

79 unique textures


Complete set including all items below


The Palms and shrubs are sold separately.

See these pages:


Palm Trees

Reception Furniture

Tea House set with furniture

teahouseTeahouse front
teahouse insideInside with furniture
furnitureFurniture close up

The Tea house complements the Hotel build set in design and look. It includes all furniture with different sized tables with marble and glass tops, chairs and stools, corner bench with matching table, fireplace, hostess desk and two different seat material textures. Material is tagged 101 for even more variations. Special stairs and railings were designed for it. The windows are the same design as the main set.

It is best seen in Akrapol2 at 19.30S 9.10W -10.47a 173 to appreciate the detail that went into the design.

A lot of new the pieces were designed specifically for this build set.

Shrubs, Palm trees and hostess avatar are not included and are available here:


palm trees

41 pieces

6 new textures

If purchased with Hotel build set at the same time or later



if purchased by itself


Hotel lighting set


A view of the lamp posts during the day


wall sconces with illuminated pillars


single and triple ceiling lights


wall sconces with illumination

window unlit

Hotel at night unlit

window lit

Hotel at night with lit windows


complete kit without the unlit lamps shown

The lighting kit is a nice dress-up for the Hotel. This works in the interior when using zones in AW4.1, but will work just as well if you use a day/night bot to change the illlumination.

The advantage of prelighting was covered by Stacee in one of the Monthly newsletters. In summary, it provides no additional lag as the lighting is just treated as a texture, as opposed to using the "create Light" command.

There are 3 pillars with up to 3 sconces that are lit and also illuminate the pillars. A total of 6 illuminated floors to pair up with all the lamps and pillars for the real lighting effect. 4 more illuminated wall that can be retextured without effecting the result using tags 101 and 200 are included. This kit contain in addition 2 different Lamp posts , and 2 smaller version of it. 2 wall sconces, 2 ceiling lamps, 1 table lamp and 2 wall mounted outdoor lamps.

44 pieces

8 unique textures


Hotel Bridge set in 2 sizes

bridge1Bridge crossing over river
bridge2close up detail
bridge3narrow bridge version

The Bridge set for the Island Hotel matches the Hotel style perfectly in all aspects. There are 2 sizes of this set, a narrow one for foot traffic and small spans, or the double wide for major river crossings. They both have support pillars to enable crossing deep valleys.

Each has a built-in lamps that are prelit, for enhanced look at night. The piece that they are attached to is optional to use. The set also can also be build without them.

It is best seen in Akrapol2 at 8.81S 1.45W -11.47a 267 to appreciate the detail that went into the design.

bridge4Night illumination

18 pieces

7 textures