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Bar Set



This bar set includes 8 build pieces. This flexible build set lets you make various designs. Includes bar stool. See the detailed beer taps and sink pieces to the right. The stained glass under the glass holder can be retextured using tagged 101. Low vert design. Custom textures available to match world theme.

9 models
8 textures



Dining Room Set 1

dining room1

china cabinet


This Dining room set consists of 6 main pieces having a lot of texturing detail. It consists of the china cabinet, server, chair and armchair and 3 sections of table for flexibility of table length. All drawers and doors are separate and move. A China cabinet that is a single unit is also included. The chair seats are tagged 101 and the set comes with 6 different materials. As shown below in the bedroom set.

23 models

16 textures



Buy both Dining and Bedroom sets for $32

Bedroom Set 1



This detailed bedroom set matched the dining room set above. It consists of the bed, night table, dresser and armoire. All drawers are separate from the cabinets. The bed material is tagged 101 for easy change of sheet textures. The 2 pillows are included.

There are 5 different materials included with the set to change the covers at will using:

create texture texturename tag=101

25 models
19 textures

Price: $18

Buy both Dining and Bedroom sets for $32