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Road build set - in 2 sizes
The 3 builds sets below ( Road, Toll bridge and Tunnel set ) are meant to work all together in building and texture look.

Large Road build set

road with transitionsCountry Road setup with transition piece
road splitRoad Split
road with terrain pathsDirt Road
uphillTypical winding road uphill

This road set was a few weeks in the making and was tested to for ease of building. It contains 25 different pieces that allow uphill and downhill building to make the road conform to the terrain. Each piece is either a single terrain cell or a multiple in length.

There are transition pieces that interface with the new toll bridge below and others that allow terrain paths to join. As the roads are capable of uphill or downhill grades, there will be no overlaps or gaps.

Pieces include road crossings, T's, road splits, S curves, uphill curves and 2 road inclines. The roads that would show distinct seams with the stone surface have been made seperate pieces. All other cobblestone surfaces are tagged 101 for conversion to other surfaces.

25 models

6 textures

price: $20

Small Road build set

small road setSmall road set as a comparison

This set contains all the same pieces except for the matching bridge piece, but has an additional transition piece to interface to the large set.

All other information is the same for this set.

25 models
6 textures


If both sets are purchased at the same time


If either set was purchased before, the other set can be had for:


tex1 tex2 tex3

Additional textures are included and can be used with tags so that no new road pieces need to be loaded. Tag =101

Toll Bridge set

Morrow bridgeRoadway interfacing with the Bridge
bridge side viewSideview of bridge

This Toll Bridge is based on the one in Morrow, UK. I have textured it to make it fit the theme of my road set and the 18th century castle, The cobble stone roads have a transition piece to match to the bridges, also the bridges can be used by themselves.

There are bridge footings to allow the bridges to span deep rivers.

6 models

10 textures

Price: $22

Tunnel build set

tunnel at dayTunnel inside view with normal ambient lighting
tunnel at nightTunnel inside view with world night lighting
entrance at dayTunnel entrance - daytime
entrance at nightTunnel entrance - nighttime

The tunnel set was made to complement the road set. It allows the connection of the road set through the mountains. They are wide enough for traffic in each direction.

As the lighting is build-in, you can see the length of the tunnel at night with no lag caused by external lighting.

The tunnel pieces allow 2 different grades of climb, have a curve and T junction in addition of the entrance piece that fits the terrain opening perfectly. All tunnel pieces are terrain size for ideal match-up.

7 models

11 textures