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Canal and Lock build set

locksA section of the canal with locks and a road transition piece.
canal1Canal widening with Island
canal2Typical canal curve to allow boats to turn

A canal expansion section to allow boats both up and down stream at the same time. Or make 2 locks possible side by side.

This Canal build set was designed with textures to be used with the road and tunnel set below and the Elven village set too. The Elven Toll gate will work well with this set. The top surface of each piece is tagged so that another texture can be used. Water pieces are also included

33 models

11 textures including 2 terrain textures

Price $25

Tunnel / Cave build set

entranceCliff entrance
Cave1Cave 1
Cave2Cave 2 with waterfall

entrance piece for waterfall

37 models

6 textures



Custom ground pieces can be made to order, inquire for price


typical tunnel

This set includes 14 tunnel pieces in two sizes, with turns, junctions and dead-ends. There are connecting pieces to the caves, water pieces for the caves and all but one cave has stalactites and stalagmites. The 2 terrain pieces for the entrance and waterfall make it even more flexible. All tunnel pieces fit either end to each other in each size. In addition stalactites and pillars can be used to add some variety to the tunnels.

Cliff build set


An eight piece low vertex cliff set that allows you to make steep mountains The top is flat and can be retextured on request. The pieces fit together in most combinations and there are filler blocks for the center to make it any size needed. The height can be adjusted just by dropping it below ground. A much needed item as using terrain for this purpose created a lot of texture distortion. Use with terrain to slope the sides.

8 pieces

1 texture