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Landscape Models

Wooden Bridge set

wooden bridg1

Detailed view of bridges as they can be used

wooden bridg2

single piece bridge

wooden bridg3

single piece bridge

wooden bridg4

wide wooden bridge with no supports

wooden bridg5

wide wooden bridge with supports

wooden bridg6

Suspension bridge with center raised

wooden bridg7

Suspension bridge

A wooden bridge build set consisting of many pieces to build 6 distinct bridge types. Four of them have seperate center inserts that allow you to lengthen the bridge to the size needed. The textures give the efect of a bridge that has been exposed to the elements for a long time.

24 models

6 textures



Robin Hood set

Sherwood forest
Sherwood forest walks

Based in part on the Robin Hood movie with Kevin Kostner. Includes 2 oak trees in 2 sizes. A suspended walkway set with a tree house and 2 platforms. Even has a straw man for target practice.

19 models

14 textures