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Landscape Models

Covered bridge sets

bridge1Wooden unpainted covered bridge
bridge2front view, bridge 1
bridge3front view, bridge 2
bridge4Narrow wooden covered Bridge
bridge5Red covered bridge
bridge6White covered bridge
bridge7Front view, red bridge

These Covered Bridges are available in a choice of colors and sizes.

Each consists of an end section and center section that allows it to span any size river. The natural wooden bridge is available in 2 different widths. The painted version is available in red and white.

The road section that will fit my small road build set is included.

3 models each bridge

16 textures

Price $10.00 each

Covered Wooden Bridge 1
Covered narrow Wooden Bridge 2
Covered Red Bridge
Covered White Bridge
All Bridges only $28 total

Stone Garden Walls

wall1Detailed view of Stone wall build
wall2Stone Wall 1
wall3Stone Wall 2
wall4Stone Wall 3

These three Stone wall sets can be used in a variety of ways. Each have extra detail on the top surface showing years of wear. Set 2 has an additional fence mounted on it for Park settings. The fence is tagged 101 for easy retexturing.

11 models
4 textures

Price: $10