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River Promenade for Victorian village

prom1Detailed view of Riverside walk with stairs
prom2 Riverside walk with stairs to connect to other set
prom2River walkway with underpass
prom4Bridge and road detail
prom5View of Steps and Bridge

This River Promenade build set complements the Victorian Village set

The bridges are made to fit the Victorian Village streets and also accommodate an underpass for the river walks. The walks also can serve as a dock for a variety of boats.

Several pieces make up the set including a transition piece to the Riverbank build set. Two different length bridges are available each with and without underpass. The Victorian design rails are available as separate items. The lamps are part of the Village build set.

22 models including
4 bridges
22 textures

Price: $25

In combination with Riverbank set
with matching Riverbank textures

Price: $38

Riverbank build set

bank1Detailed view of Riverbanks
bank2River tributary pieces
bank3small island and lake formation
bank4Modular Bridge with arch
bank5Creek pieces
bank6Small bridge

tag 101 is used for the top surface to match the terrain texture if no paths are required

Tag 200 is used for the river banks to add the addition la textures to them

A Riverbank build set that allows more realistic river builds than what the terrain allows. Several bridges matched to the widths are included. The variety of pieces allow the making of tributaries, lakes and islands.

The pieces are made to fit the terrain sizes. Each piece comes in 2 different heights. Each piece is tagged to allow a change of either terrain texture or retexturing the sides.

Building is best done with the terrain grid enabled and the terrain disabled. Also 2 textures can be used as terrain textures to blend in the pieces. If your own terrain texture is supplied, I can match the texture perfectly at no charge

tex1 tex2 tex3 tex4

57 models including the bridges

16 textures

Price: $25