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Big Castle Build Set


castle1Main View
castle2Courtyard view
castle3Interior with Stairs
castle4Tower Entrance
castle5Main Gate
castle6Interior View

This build set has enough pieces to build a whole world. One feature is the moat that can surround the whole castle. The defense walls are hollow so you can hide inside them from the enemy. This version has all new wall and floor textures. The tower stairs and floor are functional for a more real experience. A full build script is avail bale for those that want the castle erected right away.

Almost half the model files were remade for easier construction. Tag 101 is used on all walls and some ceilings, allowing for easier retexturing. All the panel pieces were removed as I believe they are no longer necessary

This is my largest and most flexible build set. For those that have bought the earlier version, the upgrade will be priced at $30.

Bot Services Available For Building, inquire for cost.

261 pieces

80 textures


Upgrade Price for previous owners


Big Castle set - old version

castle7Still available upon request

310 pieces

93 textures

Price $50

Monastery Build Set

Front viewFront view
Courtyard viewCourtyard view
Detail 1Detail 1
Interior HallwayInterior Hallway
60 pieces
42 textures

Price: $40

A post medieval build set based on a real monastery in Germany.

It is part of a larger complex with many houses that provide the accommodations for the monks. These houses will be released as a build set at a later date.

Entrance Gate Set

Entrance GateEntrance Gate
Entrance GateEntrance Gate
Entrance GateEntrance Gate

18th century exhibition gate with arched walkways and towers. Many variations in layout are possible. A clock tower is included with 3 different sized bells. For realism the wall sizes are 8m high x 6m wide

45 pieces

38 textures

Price $30

Library Build set


Originally designed to be part of the castle above, a stand-alone version is available that includes all the walls and roofs required to make it its own building.

Stand-alone set

73 pieces
76 textures

Price $15

Little Castle Set

small castle setSmall Castle Exterior
Courtyard view<Courtyard view
This set is for someone who has less space in their world than the large castle above. To differentiate from the above it has a different texture.

47 pieces

10 textures

Price $20

Chapel Set

Chapel side viewChapel side view
Interior Ceiling viewInterior Ceiling view
Interior Ceiling viewInterior Ceiling view

35 pieces

21 textures

Price: $20

This is a small chapel, best seen in Akrapoli to appreciate the ceiling design.