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Medieval Town Build Set

Main buildingMain building with tower
Homes on IslandsHomes on Islands

Panoramic view of Village

variation 1Variation 1
variation 2Variation 2
Market variationMarket variation
fireplsceInterior with fireplace

A town set on small islands on a small lake, with bridges connecting them to each other. This is what this build set is about.

The build set consists of 4 different texture sets, that make up the variation of the models. In addition it includes three sets of differently textured roof pieces. The stucco walls are tagged with 101 so that a second stucco texture can be placed on it for even more variety.

Included are a fireplace with logs, beamed ceilings, floor/ceiling pieces in two textures and stairs. Torches, Island pieces, flagpoles, boats and benches are sold separately. See below for the Island information.

Torches are here:

182 pieces

31 textures

Price $60

Optional Accessories

Medieval Island set

island piecesMedieval Island build pieces

Island detailIsland detail
Bridge detailBridge detail

These island pieces can be used for a variety of purposes. They were made for the above town on a lake. Each island has dock pieces and steps.

Three bridges that can be sized to span the canals are included. Three water panels to cover the lake the surface and a set of defensive walls the allows the town to be surrounded with.

36 models
12 textures

Price: $18

Dungeon Build Set

dungeon1Main Chamber

This set was based in part on having the look of the popular computer game DOOM. That is the reason why it is in parts very dark to recreate the atmosphere. It consists of 5 separate halls, that are designed to lead you deeper and deeper under ground.

Visit Acropoli at 25.00S 4.93W 0.30a 180 to have a detailed look.

dungeon2Main Chamber Detail
dungeon3Hall of Arches
dungeon3Dungeon cells
5 models
31 textures

Price: $28