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Lunar Clock

lunar clock

Do not buy this if you are not familiar with X1 bot, as no free support is offered for installation or running it.

Script support is available

A fully functional Lunar clock with glass cover with day, date and month indicators. Presently included is a script for use with the X1 bot. In addition to the automatic running mode that sets the day, date, month and lunar indicators once a day, depending on your time zone, a command mode is available. This allows user input of any year, month and date to prompt the clock to show that information, along with the proper day of the week and lunar phase of that calendar date.

There are two version of this model, a large desktop and a full sized display clock. The bot script only allows for one instance per clock, so a second bot is required to run the second clock.

I will provide 30 day support if needed.

19 models

15 textures

Price: $15

Carousel Horses

chorse 13 different horses
chorse 2detailed view
A selection of 3 nicely textured Carousel Horses that can to be fitted to any Carousel. More can be made on request.
3 models
3 textures

Price: $6

Rocking Horses

rocking horses 13 different rocking horses
rocking horses 2detailed view

The Rocking Horses are based on the Carousel Horses above. The rocking script is included and can be modified by the user. It is loaded from a mover preset.

3 models
6 textures

Price: $10

Carousel and Rocking Horse combination

Price: $14