News 7/17/2021

Keshi has passed away. All her models are still listed but are not available for purchase anymore since I don't own or have the files

News 10/12/2017

small webpage updates

News 11/12/2016

There are some updates to the Elven Village models coming

News 9/12/2016

Added a few panorama vistas to several web pages, including the front page. The others are on the elven pages, and medieval build set. This is a good way to show the interior of buildings, because it allows you to see the ceiling easily.

News 9/7/2016

I will be adding new SciFi models soon. The pages already have previews on them.

News 9/2/2016

Big Web page Revamp. Not all pages have zooms on each picturel. Created a special page just for free downloads.