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Trees and Plants

Giant Water Lily's

water liliesWater Lily set
flowersLily flowers in set
leaf detailLeaf and flower detail

This is the first flower build set. Three sets of ready-made Lily pads are included. Two sets come in variation of flowers and bud, the third one has no flowers.

There are also separate flowers and buds in each of the 6 colors which can be attached to a separate leaf that is also included. This allows a wide variety of combinations. Png files are used, so a separate bmp image upload is not required.

16 models

14 textures


$14 per set

Bulrushes (Cattails)

cattailsThree bulrush models
cattail groupBulrushes in groups

There are three models that make up this set. Two of them have the seed pod, the third one has just the leaves.

3 models

1 texture


$7 per set

For the Lilies and Bulrushes, the free pond build set below is a nice addition to place them in.