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Roman Models

Roman Garden #1

All 3 sets below

for $26

roman garden

This is the Roman garden with optional hedges and flower beds. It consists of pillars under expansive lintels, corner pieces and bridge sections to build a formal Roman garden.

roman garden pieces

8 pieces / 4 textures

Price $12

Hedge build set (#2)


The hedge set can be used to decorate the Roman pillars or used by them selves to make a garden or a the taller ones used to make a maze. Maze entrance piece is seen below.

15 pieces / 1 texture

Price $10 USD

Flower bed set(#3)

flower beds


The flower bed pieces complete the hedges, as they form the foundation. They can also be used to make flower beds in various shapes. The similar shaped pieces serve as walk sways. Background is AW texture boden.

30 pieces/ 4 textures

Price $8

Roman Bath (#4)

All 2 sets below

for $22

This is the Roman Bath build set is designed for a Roman pool and arch design. Pillars and arches are sperate pieces.

18 pieces / 10 textures

Price $15

Roman Ruin set (#5)

Roman ruins

Roman ruins side

This build set can be used to build an enchanted garden. It contains broken pieces for that rustic look. The set has straight and round benches. The textures below are included to complete the "old and broken" look.
texture 1 texture 2 texture 3 texture 4

13 pieces/ 11 textures

Price $14


fountain 1

Fountain 1

fountain 2

Fountain 2

Two different Roman type fountains. Very detailed texturing on these models. They are not a build set, but I included them here as they go with the above sets.

Buy both for $9

Fountain 1

1 Model

10 textures


$ 6

Fountain 2

1 Model

12 textures