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StarGate with DHD

This is no longer available, since bot won't run under the latest version of AW and no more updates will be made

gate2Stargate Detail

Detail of Gate ring showing the detailed glyphs. The inner ring rotates and each chevron lights up.

Detail of DHD, showing all the active buttons with glyphs. Each button is a separate item that can be programmed individually or with a bot.

ringsTeleport rings.

Very detailed Stargate model with 71 pieces and 102 textures. No longer sold.

To activate the gate, a sequence of the 6 buttons with glyphs on the DHD are pressed, the sequence dependent on the destination. The gate and DHD are build by the bot since each contains many pieces that must be aligned. The gate ring rotates as the sequence is entered..

71 models

102 textures

No longer offered