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Tutorial #3

Setting up MultiZip

What is the Function of MultiZip?

MultiZip is a program that is most useful for zipping as many models and bmp masks that you have selected with a password and uploading them to the object path.


Where to obtain MultiZip:

http://www.sh3d-design.net and download from there.

Make a folder with any name you want and unzip all the files to it.

How to set up MultiZip for uploaded Models:


1. Uncheck these boxes.

2. Check this box.

3. Check this box for the program to zip and upload all the files to your path only.

4. Then click on this button and continue with the next section.

Fig. 2
Fig. 2

5. Type in the ftp URL for the hosting of the path, it can be either a URL name or the IP address, this is the address of the ftp account and may not be the same as the path address.

6. User name for the ftp account and password for it.

7. For model upload enter the complete folder path. In some cases it maybe 2 levels down. Press OK to leave this Menu

Fig. 3
Fig. 3

8. Select the drive the models files are on.

9. Select the folder in this window

10. highlight the files you want upload

11. The click proceed. The files will be zipped and uploaded to your path.

Fig. 4
Fig. 4


How to setup Multizip for uploaded Masks:

12. Click FTP parameters again. this window opens

Fig. 5
Fig. 5

13. Change the directory on the OP server to the texture folder

14. Press OK and then use fig. 4 again.

15. Select the mask type (bmp files) in the type list and then select the ones you want to upload

16. press proceed and it will zip and upload them to the texture folder

Don't forget to go back to step 13 and change the folder back to models, or next time you use it, it will place the model files into the texture folder.