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Railroad track build set

Complete Track setComplete Track set
Switch DetailSwitch Detail
Switch Detail 2Switch Detail 2
Railway BridgeRailway Bridge

This low poly track set consists of 29 models. Included are 3 road crossing pieces, 3 different bridges, 2 switch markers and and end of track bumper. The switches and track crosses are all highly detailed. each comes in a left and right version. The roads and bridges match all the other sets. These models have been designed to give a highly detailed look, yet have a minimum of vertices to provide a low lag environment

straight track 34 vertices
switches about 210 vertices
curves about 280 vertices
29 models
3 textures

If purchased with any railroad station


Victorian village road build set

Road uphillRoad uphill view
Road PiecesRoad Pieces
railingssome of the railings
This extension road set increases the flexibility of building a town on the side of a hill. The road pieces allow you to have a certain slope to match the height of the Victorian buildings. There are curves in either direction, curves that a sloped downhill, and the regular crossings.

Sidewalk pieces and railings to match the two different slopes are also included.

29 models

3 textures


If purchased with Victorian set $10