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Greenhouse build set

greenhouse frontFront view
entranceSmall Greenhouse
Fan Fan and Roof Detail
roofFinials and Vented Roof detail
roofInterior view

This Greenhouse is modeled after turn of the century English greenhouses. The set allows one to make many different greenhouse layouts. Several pieces are availble to build a conventional greenhouse shape with straight roof sides.

The build set contains interior walkways and floor panels. The fence is optional.

41 models
14 textures

Price: $28

If purchased with Fence set total price:

Price: $32

Fence set

fenceFence view
fence gateFront Gate

This fence set contains a hgh quality png mask for low lag. The color scheme matches the greenhouse, but can be used for other builds.

The entrance gate sign is tagged 101 to use with your own custom sign texture.

9 models
5 textures

Price: $6

If purchased with Greenhouse - total price:

Price: $32

Gardening set

gardening 1

Gardening pots and soil pile

gardening 2Gardening tools, soils and watering can
gardening 3Gardening tools close up on table
gardening 3Watering Can

This set consists of:

  • Potting soil bag, opened and unopened.
  • Two different sized piles of dirt.
  • Eight different clay pots.
  • Five different kinds of gardening tools.
  • One Large watering can.
  • Two gardening tables.

21 models

10 textures

Price: $10